Gerbil is a "dynamic website generator", written in Nim. It is meant to provide many of the conveniences of static site generators (ease of content creation, deploying, and maintenance), but to also provide a customizable backend for dynamic features such as hosting user comments. It is flat-file based (no database used) by design.

The Gerbil binary can be used to scaffold and serve a site without writing Nim code, or the Gerbil library can be imported and customized.

Note: This is a new project and is still heavily in development.


Gerbil was written for, a programming tutorials website.


This site is built and served with the Gerbil binary. The articles are meant to both be a guide to Gerbil, as well as demonstrate its capabilities, which include:

Getting started

See the getting started guide.


Reference Tutorials


The MIT-licensed source is available here.

Gerbil serves websites using the Jester web framework and could not exist without it. Gerbil also relies heavily on the following dependencies:

Many thanks to the authors of these libraries!


Gerbil is written by Jason Jones.


Why is it named Gerbil?

As pets, gerbils are:

Those are goals of this project. Also, the name was short and didn't seem to be used anywhere else. 😉