How to add an article

Articles are grouped into pods (topics). To add an article, run the following CLI command:

gerbil create mytopic

This will create a directory called mytopic under the pods directory, as well as some additional files:

jason@mint:~/projects/mysite$ gerbil create mytopic
INFO Creating pod meta file: /home/jason/projects/mysite/site/pods/mytopic/meta.json
INFO Creating content in dir: /home/jason/projects/mysite/site/pods/mytopic/content/9wi969rj
INFO Creating content static dir: /home/jason/projects/mysite/site/pods/mytopic/content/9wi969rj/static
INFO Creating meta file: /home/jason/projects/mysite/site/pods/mytopic/content/9wi969rj/meta.json
INFO Creating content markdown file: /home/jason/projects/mysite/site/pods/mytopic/content/9wi969rj/

What are these files for?

The "content ID" that was automatically created is 9wi969rj. A content ID is created for a couple of reasons:

  1. To ensure uniqueness in identifying an article
  2. To help navigate to an article, even the article title and "slug" change.

Editing the markdown

We can use a text editor to edit the markdown file that was created. The markdown format expected by Gerbil is CommonMark.

Please see this example Gerbil markdown document. There is a link to the markdown source, so you can see how to add elements like images.

Once you have edited the markdown file to your satisfaction, you can build the site.

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